Reasons Why I Love Our New Camera…

I took these out the window of the plane somewhere between Tampa and Atlanta on our way up to New York last week and was kinda blown away by the results! The sunset was absolutely beautiful from 30,000 feet up in the air – it was such a different experience, almost like watching the sunset on another planet or something. I love the textures that the clouds give, creating a landscape across the sky. Aside from our trip back flying first class, this was probably my best plane ride to date…

Doesn’t it have the look of the terrain of an alien planet?!

This one is actually from the trip home, but I love how the blue sky slowly transitions to the black of space at the top.
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  1. 8 Megapixels – Canon Powershot SD1100 IS

    This is the third Canon Powershot that I’ve had and I’ve always been very happy with them, basically because I like taking photos, but not enough to carry around a huge digital SLR. I can fit this in a shirt pocket and it still seems to get pretty nice pics! I actually notice a more stable picture with this one than my last, too – I’ll be curious to see if it’s any easier to shoot fireworks and Christmas lights than before.

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