clearly it’s been another one of those weeks…

February 15, 2008 8:10am
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More photos from Downtown Tampa…

I actually took these last weekend when we were out and about, but never got around to posting them until just now. Last Saturday we went on a free lunch cruise around the bay under the guise that we were actually considering them for our rehearsal dinner. It turned out, however, that their prices actually make The Melting Pot look pretty affordable, so unless we find any other restaurants that are willing to attempt to woo us with free food, it looks like we’ll probably end up scavenging for extra money to make our fondue rehearsal dinner a reality.

It’s been a long week, and it’s already stacking up to be an even longer weekend – I may have to work tomorrow, we have a wedding to attend in the afternoon, and I still need to do our taxes so we can get our money back from Uncle Sam! I do want to try and post again later tonight, though, to share all of my leftover wuv from Valentine’s Day. Sneak Preview: I got something big and cuddly from Sara!

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