Friday Night Update

Stress Eating / Not-Working-Out
I didn’t do very good this week. I mainly blame work stress and the extra hours that I’ve been putting in (again) because what little time I could’ve had to make it to the gym ended up being devoted to planning for Valentine’s Day, which actually ended up turning out pretty great, mind you, but still, all the romancin’ in the world ain’t gonna make me skinny! It’s tough because sometimes I get a little jealous of Sara for her dedication to her own weight loss day-in, day-out, whereas when I start feeling stressed out I turn to snacking or extra “reward meals” without having actually done anything to be rewarded. I really either need to put my foot down about leaving work at night to make it to the gym on-time or make a big change to get up early enough in the morning to go before all of the chaos starts.

Along those same lines, that’s actually a concept that I’ve been kicking around in my head to help push my writing forward to, albeit as scary as the concept of getting up at 6:00am (or earlier) sounds to a night owl like myself! I often times find myself coming up with some workable ideas on my way to work and during the first few hours, but by the time 9 or 10 hours have gone by, the creativity is just gone and I’m pretty much spent for the day. Still, any other options as opposed to getting up early as a solution to help motivate either venture are certainly still up for consideration at this point!

Eye Strain
I think I might need to schedule an appointment with an eye doctor next week because lately I’ve been having some extreme eye strain at work. The trouble is, I can’t quite tell if it’s just something with my environment specific to work – my office isn’t the brightest as it is and I normally work late at night, meaning there’s a big contrast, and I’m pretty sure I probably actually sit closer to the screen at work than I do at home. In that same line, I’m having trouble reading some smaller prints on the screen at work, but as I type this on my laptop at home, the text in Semagic is roughly the same size on-screen and I can read it just fine. By the time I leave work, I don’t even want to think about looking at a computer screen … although apparently I recovered adequately this particular evening. Hmmm…

The Celebrity Apprentice
Is anybody else actually still watching this show, or am I the only sucker left tuning in every week?! I just watched last night’s episode and it was horrible – how Trump didn’t put his foot down and fire Omarosa after how she acted was intolerable. If anything, I was hoping that her blatant display throughout the entire episode would mean that this was her last one, and I was even holding on there in the board room thinking that Trump might change the rules of his own game at the last minute, but instead he opted to keep the publicity whore on for another week.

My question is this, though – will she actually stay on until the very end or will Trump eventually hit a point where his audience will dwindle for keeping her onboard? At this point we can only hope…

This is cool.

Inspiring both for someone that used to make a webcomic and also for someone who aspires to make a living publishing his work online in general. The perspective that these guys take to publishing their comics is one that I’ve entertained in my head for a while as a more reasonable way to make money from my writing as opposed to the ever-shrinking print market. At the end of the day, it’s kinda nice to see a change of tides finally taking place!

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