“David Named ‘Idol’ Winner”

I don’t know if this headline from AOL’s front page is supposed to be clever or if the writer just didn’t care enough about the show to realize that they were both named David. Kind of reminds me of Football Team Wins Superbowl or something… 🙁

Anyways, I was happy to see David Cook win last night, even though I half expected Archuleta to win simply because there are probably more teenage girls that watch Idol than older women. It was good to see a “rocker” finally win one, though, because it seems like up until now I normally wouldn’t actually listen to any of the previous winners’ music outside of the show. Of course, now at this point it will be interesting to see what he actually does with it because it’s seemed to me that lately all of the past winners haven’t gotten very far past American Idol: Season X winner … although again, I don’t listen to pop and dance music enough to be sure. Cook definitely deserved this one, though – that’s for sure.

Now will I watch season 8 next January? I don’t know about that just yet – if Sara really wants to, then probably, but Idol has gotten about as boring as Survivor did to me a few years ago, to the point where the last few weeks I didn’t mind reading the results in the paper instead of watching any of the episodes that I’d missed. Problem is, there’s not really much that they can do to change it up, so to speak – we can’t do American Idol: China or American Idol: Caribbean Islands like they did with Survivor to buy a few more years. We’ll see. I was really disappointed by The Office’s season finale, so when Top Chef is over in a couple of weeks, I don’t know what we’re going to watch on TV!


  1. Don’t say anything about the office, I haven’t seen any of it since it came back after the Writer’s Strike! Waiting for it to come out on DVD.

  2. Wow – you have better restraint than me, my friend! I’d download it now, with the clear conscious in knowing that you’ll buy the DVD when it eventually comes out. You can’t wait until September to find out that Jim and Pam _________… :O

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