Disney Continues to Dominate the Theme Park Industry


I’m very amused by this study that was published last week comparing theme park attendance numbers from 2006 & 2007, basically because it spells out just how big the gap still is between Disney Parks and pretty much every other venture out there. I love how all of the Busch properties combined (two SeaWorlds and two Busch Gardens) still barely match the attendance at the Magic Kingdom alone, and the Animal Kingdom, arguably the redheaded stepchild of the four Disney parks, still doubles attendance of most other parks!

And lastly, my favorite statistic of all (how dorky am I?!) – the four parks that make up Walt Disney World together saw an average of 47 million guests in 2007. All of the other parks in the top 15 (minus Disneyland, that is), combined come to a total of only 46.4 million guests. And that, my friends, is what we call a landslide…


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