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I was reminded of a couple more to add to “the list” – one that just recurred this evening and another that happened around the same time as the last post, but was somehow omitted…

[archive] – CLOSE THE DOOR When Using a Public Restroom Stall!!!
Next time it happens, I think I’m just going to clock the guy in the back of the head. The scenario is this – I walk into a bathroom and start going down the line of stalls until I find one that’s open, but when I try to walk in the door that’s clearly open, there’s some dude standing there taking a piss like it’s just another urinal. Now despite a completely separate anger about assholes who don’t have enough control over their penises to not piss all over the seat, I don’t understand why it’s so difficult – there’s a door, close it before you begin! Instead you look over your shoulder and think I’m some kind of jerk for walking in on you peeing.

[Tonight] – The Speed Limit in Our Subdivision Isn’t 14 mph…
We live near the back of our subdivision so it can be a bit of a long drive anyways, but going less than half the posted speed limit sure doesn’t help matters any! Tonight I got stuck behind somebody that was barely idling down the road – I could’ve gotten out and walked home faster than driving behind him. And it irritates me because I know there’s a big family movement to get the speed limit dropped to, oh, 0 mph eventually because there are kids that live in our neighborhood and because many of them have the golf course in their backyards, the kids play in the street instead. Who knows, maybe I’ll have a different perspective when I have kids myself, but in the meantime, I’m sticking with cars in the street, kids in the yard.

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