more sex ed fun… :(

“I’m really angry right now. I want someone to apologize to those kids and lie to them, saying, “Oral sex and masturbation and homosexual sex aren’t real. The only acceptable kind of sex is that between a married man and a married woman for the purpose of making babies.

I wonder if the self-righteous parents who are concerned about keeping sex out of the sex education classrooms coordinate with the self-righteous parents who are concerned about keeping evolution out of the science classrooms. Do you think they have weekly meetings or something to make sure that they keep their bigotry focused on the most significant intolerances of the time???

Oh wait, they do … and they meet on Sundays. :<


  1. HA!

    Studies have shown that since Bush got into office and started promoting the ‘abstinence only’ sex-ed, rates of STDs AND pregnancy gone up among teen girls (14 and over, I think). It’s like 1 in 3 or 4 has had an STD at one point or has one. 😛 Blecch. Our culture, our government and our society is failing them. It makes me so angry.

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