now this is inspiring…

Two versions – one summarized version from Oprah, and the second being the entire 76-minute presentation that he did at Carnegie Mellon. The guy’s name is Randy Pausch – he was a professor at Carnegie Mellon, he spent some time working with Disney Imagineering, and he’s dying of pancreatic cancer … but you sure wouldn’t know it from the tone in his voice. I’ve only skimmed the full version after watching the Oprah spot, but this guy is the perfect example of the attitude which we all would like to think that we could have if we were dying – so full of happiness and wisdom and appreciation for life. You can just tell that he must’ve been amazing to have classes with – the kind of teacher that actually inspires dreams because he truly believes in them himself. Truly incredible.

Randy Pausch Reprising His “Last Lecture” on Oprah (summary)

Randy Pausch Lecture: Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams (full version)

He’s also got a book coming out next month that’s currently on pre-order at – if it’s half as good as his presentations, buying Christmas gifts for everybody this year just got a whole lot easier! Quite the inspiring fellow…

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