Oh, the weather outside is awesome.

This is the perfect time of year in Florida for me. Well, this and October/November before the temperatures “really” start dipping back down to those dreaded sub-50-degree numbers in the evenings. Right now is great, though – it’s warm, but not blazing hot in the morning; the afternoons are sunny and hot, but not so much that you can’t go outside for a bit; and the evenings are still warm enough that a relaxing dip in the pool after a workout is comfortable, yet I can open up some windows around the house after it gets dark to help circulate air. In another month when the frogs start going at it, open doors and windows will no longer be an option so I have to enjoy that while I can!

Soon those tables will turn and instead of the weather being quaint and enjoyable, it’ll be pushing 100 degrees mid-afternoon, only cooled down by the 4pm rain, and you probably won’t catch me outside for anything more than a brief moment when the sun is up. Luckily Disney blocks us out of the parks all summer when it’s mad hot anyways, so that makes it a little easier. Still, I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else…

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