on a happier note…

(our reception will be on the larger of the two top floors in the big tower on the right)
Less than a week and counting!

Just think, seven days from now, we’ll be winding down from what’s billed as one of the most important days of our lives, enjoying a well-earned glass of champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries while I attempt to remove approximately 700 billion hairpins from Sara’s snazzy hair-do. As of this evening, her parents, grandma, and sister & sister’s boyfriend are here in town, and Saturday most of the rest of the gang will be here as well. Casa de Sevener here will be a mad house, but a good mad house, mind you!

With any luck, tomorrow we’ll be heading off to SeaWorld to share in Sara’s grandma’s life-long dream of being able to pet a dolphin! Good times.

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