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I only watched about 30 minutes of the debate and I’m not sure if I’ll even catch the rest later because our DVR decided to sit this one out, but even 30 minutes of listening to Sarah Palin speak was enough to send shivers down my spine. Like many have already said, I couldn’t help but notice how she seemed more and more adorable the less familiar with something she was – you know, “Oh, yeah, it’s so obvious I’m a Washington outsider. And someone just not used to the way you guys operate…” The thing is, I don’t want someone who’s cute and adorable to hold one of the top offices in our country. I don’t want a soccer Mom (or hockey mom, or whatever) with her finger anywhere near the trigger to our “nuculear weapons.” Her constant winking at the camera really scares me because her personality just screams at me like she’s the kind of person who’ll happily tell you with a sparkling grin on her face that you’re going to burn in hell for your beliefs while she’ll be rewarded for her own in heaven…

I probably should find a way to watch the rest, however simply from those 30 minutes alone, I’m definitely more confident in Joe Biden simply because I thought he carried himself very well and did a good job at refuting / laughing off Palin’s vague nonsense. At least to me, he came off as a very level-headed, professional politician, whereas Palin still seems to be her own cheerleader, just shy of stepping out from behind the podium to whisper, “I shouldn’t even be here – I’m just like all of you average joes out there! That’s me, just good, old Sarah Plain & Tall…and Rich…”


Words & Phrases I Don’t Want to Hear Anymore: maverick, special needs, the surge worked, securing democracy
New Rule: You can no longer claim to be able to relate to the “working middle class / average Joes” when you’re worth over a million bucks.

Update: Here’s a transcript of the entire debate.

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