This is Weekend Update, I’m Your Host – Scott Sevener

Holy Giant Freakin’ Spider
I don’t know where they’re getting in, but the giant spider that I caught scurrying across our living room last night was entirely too giant for my own personal comfort! I would’ve gotten a picture of it, but he was the kind of spider who looked like he’d have taken the camera away from me if I tried it while he was alive and he wasn’t exactly in much of a photogenic state after I got through with him, if you know what I mean…

Note to Self: Really need to look into finding someone to spray around the house next week!

Little Wedding
Sara and I watch a lot of wedding shows right now, for obvious reasons, and some I really enjoy, while others I could take or leave. Well, today I watched one that seemed to just fascinate me – it chronicled the wedding planning process of a couple that also happened to be little people (i.e. vertically challenged) and it was just really interesting to see not only the additional challenges that they had to account for because of their height (finding wedding attire, making sure that accommodations at their reception were low enough for their friends, etc…) but also to see surprisingly how they still seemed less stressed than most of the other couples on these shows, and even ourselves, too! It was really neat to watch and at the end of it all, you could just tell that they were really genuinely happy – something that I’m not always entirely convinced of with some of these glossy brides and glazed-over grooms that I see.

HD Depression
I had to take a few minutes this evening switching Sara’s scheduled recordings for the Olympics over the next week from NBC HD to the regular NBC station to make sure we have enough room on our DVR for the entire thing. Which granted, I really couldn’t care less about the olympics, but I’m most definitely an HD geek and it saddens me to have to downgrade her recordings just because Bright House’s DVRs ship with such small DVRs by default. Of course, it doesn’t help much that blocks of Olympics coverage take up, like 5 hours at a time and thus two recordings so far is eating up almost 30% of our DVR across those 9 hours of HD content! The funny thing is, it’s specifically an HD DVR – wouldn’t you think it would have more recording space than your traditional DVR simply because HD takes up so much more room???

Awesome Writing Progress
I don’t want to get too excited just yet and jynx anything, but I’m extraordinarily happy about the writing progress that I’ve made over the last week or so. I can’t really say what the difference or the motivation is, but if I can keep this up just a little longer, I should be completely and totally caught up with both of the columns that I’m moving forward with for 2008. More on this as further progress is made…

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