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Who Made It July Already?!
My, my, how time flies… July is already half over, in a little more than a month will be my birthday, and in about two and a half months, we’ll be getting married! What are the chances of time slowing down just a bit after that so I can get a much-needed break?

I’m Marrying a Smarty Pants!
We just got Sara’s report card for her first semester of nursing school over the weekend and I’ll be damned if my woman didn’t get straight As! Mind you, it was a rough couple of months for both of us, for me just getting used to all of the changes in our dynamic, and I still don’t know how she’s going to keep it up while actually increasing the number of classes that she’s taking, but if anybody can do it, she can. Can you tell that I’m a little proud of her?! 🙂

Movietime Fun
Most of our free time lately has been spent going to the movies – this last weekend, we went and saw Get Smart, which was hilarious even if Sara won’t admit that she was laughing through most of the flick, too! The weekend before that, we saw Hancock on the 4th of July in an attempt to avoid stray bottlerockets and mortar shells out on the trecherous streets of Downtown Tampa. That one was pretty good, too, although we both agreed that it got progressively worse as the plot “thickened” and the very ending was kinda lame. Of course, it didn’t matter beause it starred Will Smith and Will Smith is awesome, so there!

We still haven’t seen Wall-E yet, which I feel kinda bad about because I’ve heard lots of great things about it, and I’m still not even sure when we’ll fit that one in because I think we’re going to try to catch the opening of The Dark Knight on IMAX this coming weekend. It sucks that it’s such a bank-buster to try to do, but we almost need to throw in a double-feature here somewhere just so we can get ourselves caught up! I can’t remember if there’s anything else still coming out this summer that we’ll want to go check out, but I’m sure there’s something or other still floating out there…

Wedding Update
RSVPs are starting to trickle in a little better, and we’re officially up to 19 guests attending our little get together here in a few months. Sandals have officially been purchased for all of the guys, so with the exception of one pair of the ladies’ sandals that need to be replaced already due to an oops, footwear is officially off of our official to-do list! Also, not nearly as officially as the others, as of this evening, hotel rooms for the night before and even the wedding night itself, *wink* *wink*, have been booked, our engagement book for signing on the wedding night has been ordered, and I believe that Sara’s planning to order some other miscellaneous wedding junk later on this week. Keep this up and we’re going to have ourselves a wedding on our hands!

Write, Write, Write
I may be more than a month beyond my initial June 1st deadline for getting ye ‘old website back up and running at this point, but my spirits are still up because I really feel like I’m actually making progress behind the scenes for a change. I ended up deciding to give WordPress another try simply because I think it would take so much longer for me to try to code all of the basic features from scratch, and there are some that I frankly just haven’t been able to figure out, and although there’s still a few weeks worth of work to do, there are several pages at this point that look and feel like a real website again, which is cool because it’s something that I haven’t done in a long time. The columns are coming along ok – still trying to play a little bit of catch-up while staying current with the weekly and monthly gigs going forward, and I’m even a good start into a new, little project that I don’t dare announce just yet for fear of completely annihilating my motivation! The new goal is officially the end of summer (i.e. Sept. 1st), although I honestly think that there’s a good chance of being up and running earlier than that.

Just worked out this evening for the first time in, errr, a long time. I won’t even bother elaborating at this point due to past performance, but hopefully I’ll check back with you in four-to-six weeks when I’ve lost fifty pounds and have to go clothes shopping…

Statistical Funny
And lastly, my inner geekiness has been having a hoot with this site. Maybe it’s because I work with this kind of stuff all day, maybe it’s because there’s simply no arguing that the 3D pie chart is clearly the best way to explain What is lost when the radar is “Jammed”…


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