I enjoyed this story for a couple of reasons: a) I enjoy hearing executives talk like morons; b) I’m not an AT&T customer!

I mean, really, what better way to embrace this exciting, always-connected world than by saying, “Hey guys, we’ll make it worth your while if you could just go play in the park or something…” Not for nothing, but how can you be in a pissing match with Verizon right now about who has better coverage and the best network when you’re also asking people not to use yours?!

I guess this shouldn’t be too surprising because in the same quotes they’re also vehemently denying tiered pricing while simultaneously mentioning “incentives” for customers to use less data. Unless they’re giving away kittens to anyone use stays under 500 MB, regular pricing less discounts for minimal usage is the exact same thing as tiered pricing in my book.

P.S. Bonus points to the Wall Street Journal for having the most asinine filtering methods ever – I just love how clicking the link above will take you to a preview / Subscribe Today! page, while typing “AT&T to Urge Customers to Take Data Traffic Off Wireless Network” into Google and following that link gives you the full article. But Rupert hates him some Google for stealing his revenuez…

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