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  • 14:15 Of my top non-fun activities, shopping for scrubs with Sara is right up there near the top. #
  • 14:16 Nursing uniforms are generically so boring … why can’t they be all slutty like in the movies??? #
  • 14:17 On second thought, a quick scan of the other patrons around this store reminds me EXACTLY why that wouldn’t be such a great idea… #
  • 15:08 It’s funny – no matter how classy International Mall tries to be, their men’s room seats are still covered in piss like everyone else’s… #
  • 16:29 So we stopped in the mApple Store and found out that because my iPod is out of warranty, a replacement would be $189. #
  • 16:31 Alternatively, I can buy a new iPod Touch starting at $229 and also get 10% off by “recycling” the old, broken one. Decisions, decisions… #
  • 23:22 Debating whether we want to spent $100 for Netflix’s streaming TV box. Neat concept, but not the best 10,000 titles to choose from… #
  • 23:23 Plus, I don’t understand why I have to add movies to my “Instant Queue” via the web instead of just browsing from the player. Seems tedious. #

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