revisiting Hyrule

Sara downloaded the original Legend of Zelda on the Wii Virtual Console Friday when she was home recovering, which means that I will get approximately zilch done this weekend revelling in gaming nostalgia. Honestly, there are times when I think we play more of the classics on that thing than our actual Wii games! But it’s just so nice to be able to hop from one to another without wasting fifteen minutes in between each blowing in cartridges and praying to the Nintendo gods that it will finally work this time…

As of this current moment, I’m stumbling through Level 3 and consistently getting my ass whooped by the red darknuts – embarrassed both because I had to look up what those little beasts are called, and also simply because of just how many times I’ve died in this game so far! And it’s funny because I’ve played a bit of Zelda from time to time on various Flash sites and made it quite far, but first it was just being uncoordinated in Level 1, then it was those bastard statues in the magic boomerang room in Level 2, and now it’s a herd of darknuts in Level 3 … and yet I dominated at this game when I was 12?!

I’ve made it my goal with this one to play through the whole thing solely from memory and exploration, without any guides or hintbooks or web searching, which kind of goes beyond how I normally tend to play games these days, with strategy guide firmly in hand, but I think I owe it to 12 year-old Scott on this one…not to mention Princess Zelda! Aside from missing a few heart containers, I think I can get to the last Level without assistance, but we’ll see…

So needless to say, if anybody needs me I’ll be plopped in front of the TV getting little else done besides collecting Triforce fragments from the far corners of Hyrule for the remainder of the weekend. Wish me luck, and death to the darknuts!

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