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  • 09:18 @krisstraub To "Opt-Out", just enter your username and password?! Hey, THIRD-PARTY – here’s my password…WTF??? #twitshirt #
  • 09:20 TwitShirt.com – if you’re going to try to monetize Twitter, your business model can’t involve stealing content from other users. #twitshirt #
  • 09:22 "But we’ll give you FIFTY CENTS per shirt that we sell from this business agreement that you never actually agreed to!!!" #twitshirt #
  • 09:23 The moral of this morning’s tweets-don’t assume someone else’s content is free for the taking, even if Twitter IS "really hot" right now… #
  • 12:40 Looking forward to our cruise this fall, but Carnival sure doesn’t make it easy to give them a payment. #
  • 12:51 Apparently you can online PAY online if you BOOK online, otherwise it’s phone payments only. Yet the website still offers the option to pay. #
  • 16:48 Is this even legal? BoA charging a new fee to transfer your balance AWAY, or essentially just paying off your balance?! (tr.im/j4SH) #

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