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June 2, 2009 12:06am
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  • 10:11 @rickiep00h Terribly good??? #
  • 11:47 @rickiep00h Was it horribly bad, but can’t look away watchable (like Deep Blue Sea), or more don’t bother because it was just lame? #
  • 19:22 Haircut scheduling attempt #45. If this one doesn’t work out … well, my hair’s gonna get even longer… (I got nothing.) #
  • 20:23 Old man walking a baby by the hand down the street – baby wearing nothing but a diaper. WTF – PANTS, anyone?! #
  • 20:30 Supercut attained! Now onwards to the gym… #
  • 20:32 Also, bonus hint to all of my future potential hairstylists out there – the less you talk to me, the greater your tip will be! #
  • 20:33 And my latest hairstylist will vouch for that fun fact ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK. Thanks, Jessica! #
  • 21:06 Workout almost over … quite exhausted … still need to go grocery shopping after cleaning up. 🙁 #
  • 21:19 So which is worse – going grocery shopping on an empty stomach or going to bed on a full stomach? #
  • 22:43 Alrighty, folks – final stop: Wal-Mart. Let’s make this as quick and painless as possible… #
  • 23:31 It’s amazing … and kinda frightening … how many people shop at Wal-Mart in their pajamas at 11:30pm. #
  • 23:42 Embarassing Wal-Mart Moment: cashier found a DIRTY SOCK at the bottom of one of my reusable bags. Oops… #
  • 23:54 Home. Exhausted. Accomplished. End Day. #

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