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  • 12:10 So we survived the night in our rape-a-rific motel that we chose, and subsequently I think we learned something, too. #
  • 12:50 Back at the mall because we have a few hours to kill before our flight and it’s the only thing we knew where it was! #
  • 13:09 I just love overly-aggressive food court workers pushing free samples whether you want them or not, even from 20 feet away! #
  • 16:02 Minneapolis Airport – easy to arrive into, but a pain in the ass, cluster-fuck to depart from. #
  • 16:03 I’m not sure which was worse – the eighteen escalators to get to Ticketing, or having to take my own checked bags to security for United. #
  • 16:05 Also, why do my tax dollars pay for a dedicated line through security for 1st class airline patrons??? #
  • 16:17 Wow – TSA Guy #1 was a real jerk. Didn’t say a word to anyone except the Indian woman he profiled the shit out of. #
  • 16:18 At least TSA Guy #2 at the metal detector was friendly. A bit of simple common courtesy goes a long way. "Thanks – have a good day!" Easy. #
  • 17:04 In the air again! Next stop, slightly closer to home. #
  • 18:57 WTF?! Does O’Hare Airport not believe in air conditioning?! Thank god we’ll only be here for an hour before returning to someplace that does #
  • 19:23 Funny how airport layover time just drags right up until you try to grab something to eat, and then suddenly it’s time to board! #
  • 19:25 Lady in front of me is trying to customize her meal at the airport Quiznos – doesn’t the LIMITED MENU hint that they don’t do that here?! #
  • 19:53 Fellow United patron is PISSED because he got bumped off our flight, despite not buying a stand-by ticket, and no volunteers to go tomorrow. #
  • 20:06 Wife is a little disappointed that I didn’t want to volunteer to fly tomorrow and spend the night in Chicago, but I just want to GO HOME!!! #
  • 22:46 Horrible second flight … turbulence really kicked up the anxiety … really happy to be home. #

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