Do parents not actually USE parental controls?

Just a quick thought: I saw an article today that had an offhand comment about students still texting and using their phones during school, which lead me to wonder two things – A) why can’t these phones just be locked down to only call essential numbers during school hours (i.e. 911, Mom & Dad), and B) if this kind of software does already exist, is the real issue then that parents simply don’t actually use them?

I know that all of the major carriers at this point offer parental controls to some degree and I guess I would just think that it would be a given when your kid actually gets old enough to have their own phone, just like you would keep an eye on his or her internet usage once they start going online on their own. Sure, you can always ease it back once they show some responsibility, but otherwise specifically to address the whole texting during class thing, it really just seems like a no-brainer to me.

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