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Blogging Hiatus
So I really haven’t done nearly as much blogging as usual in the last month or so. I’m gonna just go ahead and chalk it up to everything else that I’ve been working on, which I’ll get to in a moment, but just for the record I have been using Twitter a lot more than when I first setup my account, so do feel free to follow me over there at http://www.twitter.com/ssevener/ if you find yourself jonesin’ for some me! I still haven’t been able to find a decent way to embed Twitter into my LiveJournal layout and I don’t really care for the look of just adding everything as posts like LoudTwitter and others do, but I’ll figure something out eventually.

Time Management
I am quite happy to report, however, that I have had a few changes in my life for the better recently, and they all sort of tend to circle around the concept of time management. You see, for the past week – and I know this is gonna sound crazy – but I’ve actually been getting up early, which has this amazing effect of actually giving me more time throughout my day! Instead of my work day starting around 10 or 10:30am, last week I started getting there at 9:00am or before, thus getting me out the door by 6:00pm. That, in turn, allows me to start going to the gym again, which makes me feel better that I’m actually working towards the weight thing again. And then after all of that, I still somehow end up having the time and energy to want to write when I get home, as opposed to flipping on the TV and just drowning away my laziness.

Mind you, I’ve only done it for a week so far and it’s certainly not always been easy (bed by 12:30 or 1:00am has been a challenge), but I sincerely hope that I can maintain it because the benefits seem obvious. This weekend I was actually up by 10:30am on both days and normally I’m going to bed at 5:00am and getting up at 2 or 3:00pm … you couldn’t imagine the amount of work that I was able to get done on those two days! Business as usual would’ve had me puttering around a little here and there, and then being lazy and turning on the TV. This weekend I still got to watch TV, but also got a ton of other stuff done … needless to say, I really hope that I can keep this up.

Writing Update
This has been my big project for the last month, going on the last five years, and part of the reason that I haven’t blogged that much around here is that I’ve been knee deep in humor columns and WordPress code and CSS to get my new writing website up and running – anything else kind of fell to the wayside, and frankly given everything that I’ve been able to get done, I’m fine with that! I’ve still got a very small number of loose ends to finish up with the main site before it’s done, and then a bit more, but nothing that a couple more weekends can’t knock out on the Disney site, and I’ll actually be completely and fully up to the present day with regards to all of my writing efforts. Besides the site work, I’ve already taken some time to sit down and work out a business plan, if you will, for 2009 to go over exactly what I’d like to do and the associated timeframes, and I think this time they’re finally all well within reach, so I’m really looking forward to 2009 being a big year for me.

The first site that I’m just finishing up is http://www.comedic-genius.com – this will be the main hub for my writing career and will host my weekly humor column, along with all of the archived content that doesn’t have its own site as well. I still have a few minor things to finish up, and I know that there are some pages that look goofy in IE because CSS and I don’t really get along, but The Humor Column is current through last Friday and is only missing about six columns from 2007 that I still need to track down, so feel free to enjoy if you’re into that sort of thing (and if you use Firefox…)!

More to come soon, and I’ll definitely do a big, triumphant boast of a blog post when the whole thing is all done and done. 🙂

Resolution Status
They’re coming…soon. I started putting them together last weekend, but I’ve still got a bit of resolving from last year before I’ll be ready to commit to a new set of goals. These should be good ones, though!

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