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I think I’ve been on a space kick since the Galactica finale, but I found this site this evening and I just wish I’d found it sooner because I simply don’t have enough time to go through the archives tonight!

Astronomy Picture of the Day

There are a lot of just really cool photos on here, but I think so far I got the biggest kick out of this one – it’s a shot that the Spirit rover took from Mars back in 2004, and while at a first glimpse it may not seem like anything out of the ordinary, except for this one thing – it was taken from Mars roughly 56 million kilometers away!!!. That’s almost 35 million miles … or 1,400 trips around the equator of Earth … or almost 75 trips to the moon and back. Not the kind of trip you want to be taking with today’s gas prices…

It makes you feel pretty small, but at the same time how cool is it that we’ve got actual pictures of what it looks like on the surface of another planet?! Thankfully they’ve got an RSS feed, so this one is definitely going in the circulation for regular reading! I guess I’d kind of forgotten that this kind of stuff is out there and just how neat it is.

Christopher Columbus, eat your heart out!

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