Why I’ll never buy Corsair memory again…

So I finally have a follow-up on this little gem: http://ssevener.livejournal.com/273618.html

Today Corsair’s “rebate” offering showed up in my mailbox, some 12.5 weeks after it was originally submitted, and guess how much the check was for … $15.

So not only did they not let me redeem rebates for both of the products that I’d purchased, but they even went one step sleazier than even I had imagined and opted to honor the lesser of the two rebates.

Well, I hope the $25 savings was worth it to them because they just lost a loyal customer for life. I used to go out of my way to buy Corsair memory because it not only performs well, but it’s also some of the better priced RAM on the market, but now after this – forget it. Crucial and Kingston make quality alternatives, and usually don’t even bother with mail-in rebates.

Learn from my mistakes and steer clear of mail-in rebates altogether, as well as deceptive companies like this, kids. Way to do business…

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