Amazing 2010 Summer Road Trip Review – Washington Sunset

DC Epilogue
Although basically our single day of being tourists around Washington was long in duration and we were extremely exhausted by the time we got back to the hotel after meeting one of Sara’s friends for dinner, we definitely left feeling like we need to come back at one point to help fill in the gaps of some of the places that we had missed. Just looking at the museums alone, we probably could’ve spent another two or three days, and although we might’ve been able to squeeze an extra day like we had in Niagara, we were also to the point where our feets probably wouldn’t have lasted another day of walking around, and besides, we were inching closer and closer to that time when we would actually have to return back to reality… 🙁

Nonetheless, here’s one last sunset glimpse from the National Mall – DC would be a really pretty place if it wasn’t for all of the politicians!

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