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February 23, 2010 12:02am
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  • 12:16 @herbstsonne "It’s not bizarre at all!" … "I hope it’s working…" #
  • 12:18 @edeckers The scariest comment on that article so far – "I think ‘Puppy Tweets’ is a reasonable idea…" #
  • 13:03 Every time I listen to @jonathancoulton’s cover of Famous Blue Raincoat, I find myself wasting an hour trying to figure out what it means… #
  • 14:58 Why is the media spinning these new credit card laws like they’re a bad thing? Isn’t it GOOD to finally have disclosure on billing terms?! #
  • 14:59 Sure, some are raising f
    ees, but restricting that would be full regulation of their business, which would also be bad. #
  • 15:00 I think the government is doing the right thing here by saying, "Tell the people your terms and let them decide who to bank with." #
  • 15:00 Sure, some will still be stupid and not read them and would only benefit from full regulation, but that’s not a good enough reason to do it. #
  • 15:01 Our laws shouldn’t be based upon what stupid people won’t do. #

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