Things I’m Looking Forward to Doing on My Vacation…

  • spending a ridiculous amount of time with my wife
  • seeing the whale shark at the Georgia Aquarium
  • returning to my hometown for the first time since 2008
  • finding out if some of my favorite foods from there are still any good
  • playing Wii at Lori’s house
  • making it through customs without getting probe-u-lated
  • visiting the science museum in Sudbury, Canada that I used to visit in scouts as a teenager
  • not getting completely soaked at Niagra Falls like everyone always does on TV
  • A Very Merry Ben & Jerry’s Birthday!
  • boating around Manhattan with my in-laws
  • playing cards with Sara’s grandma (and hoping she can beat Sara because I sure as hell can’t…)
  • “accidentally” falling into the river of chocolate during the Hershey’s tour
  • visiting the Smithsonian in DC (the last time I was in DC, I was six years-old and almost got hit by a cab)
  • TwitPic Book Tour!!! (more info on that soon)

Two and a smidgen days and counting…

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