Unexpected Consequences of a Clean Fish Tank

July 22, 2010 11:43pm
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It’s kind of funny – out of all the possible outcomes after this, the last thing that I ever would’ve expected was that the tank would, in fact, get too clean…

It dawned on me sometime the following day that, while it’s certainly nice for me to have an uber clean fishtank, at the same time there was another certain someone who might particularly object to it … that someone being the now gigantic plecostamus that I’ve been employing for many a year to do the jobs the filter wasn’t able to handle! And granted, he certainly wasn’t doing the best job – I mean, you saw the before pictures in the last post – but still, nothing punishable by removing one’s entire food source from their ecosystem!

Fortunately, I had an old bag of these algae disc thingys that I had picked up a while back, so I’ve been throwing a couple of those in every day when I do the rest of the feeding and so far he hasn’t died, so I’m assuming that he’s eating them. Who knew that finally getting around to properly maintaining my tank would also result in putting a hard working bottom-feeder out of a job?!

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