VoicePulse: The Epilogue

November 8, 2010 10:50pm
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(aka Yep, VoicePulse Lost a 5-Year Customer Over $39.95)

So to follow-up ever so briefly on my much more verbose VOIP-related diatribe from over a month ago at this point, I’m officially no longer a VoicePulse customer and now a satisfied member of the VOIPo family instead. Our home number is now up and running on the new service, we’ve got a better plan for 30% cheaper than we were paying, and I just mailed VoicePulse back their dead hardware this afternoon.

I’m kind of done with the whole being pissed at VoicePulse thing and at this point I’m just happy to be getting the service that I’m paying for again, but it’s still a little disappointing to look back and realize that the reason I left VoicePulse is because they’re not willing to support their own hardware. The idea of charging fees to replace their own device to me is just deplorable, and as much of a pain that it was to transfer my number to a new provider and even pay for their service a year in advance (it was cheaper that way), I just couldn’t in good conscience pay VoicePulse forty bucks for something that they should’ve taken care of themselves.

Doesn’t really say a lot for how you value loyalty if waving a $40 fee isn’t worth keeping a 5-year customer around, now does it???

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