2011 Holiday Advent Blog – Day 15 – Cinematic Favorites

Sometimes it’s nice to just spend a few evenings curled up in the living room, munching on Chex Mix while watching your favorite holiday classics.

Unfortunately, I’m way too crazy busy right now to do anything of the sort myself, but if I had the time, these would be among my own top selections…

A Claymation Christmas Special
Quite possibly my favorite childhood Christmas program of all-time – we watched the VHS tape of this delight featuring the one and only California Raisins over and over again til it was all but ruined! The animation just fascinated me, and needless to say, it was pretty funny, too…
Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas
Sure, I could’ve gone with the old standby classic that is A Muppet Family Christmas, but instead I decided to offer up this more obscure tale that got plenty of play in our house just the same. Just a simple story of an otter vying for the top prize in the local talent show, and a great holiday message about cherishing what’s truly important.
Home Alone
I don’t know what it is, but you just can’t get enough of watching people getting hit in the face with paint cans this time of year! I probably saw this for the very first time when I was right around Kevin McCallister’s age myself, so I’m sure there was plenty of “inspiration” to be gained from his trickery!
Die Hard
Hey – they’re all attending a holiday party before the chaos ensues, the ending credits roll with Christmas music playing … anyone who claims Die Hard isn’t a Christmas movie can take it up with John McClane…
A Garfield Christmas
Although my sister was always the official Garfield fan in the house, I couldn’t help but grow attached to this cartoon special as well – Garfield causes some mayhem, but also shows his softer side as well! Plus, lest we not forget The Gift That Keeps On Giving!
Ernest Saves Christmas
“Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree … oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree…”

So what are your holiday favorites??? 😉

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