Merry Stressmas

This holiday season has ended up being a lot more stressful than I was kind of hoping for!

For better and for worse, it’s pretty easy to pinpoint where I went wrong – months and months ago, my original plan for the holidays was to have all of my big ticket writing projects done by the end of November, thus leaving December free for just my regularly scheduled columns & posts on top of also celebrating the season. Instead, however, just about every single one of those projects has taken considerably longer to complete … a couple of which I honestly haven’t even started yet … so sadly I’ve been spending far more of my time this last couple of weeks scrambling to try and preserve these impossible deadlines instead of just kicking back and really enjoying the season…

That said, for what it’s worth I think I’m finally starting to come to terms with the fact that no matter how hard I push myself, there’s just no possible way to get it all done at this point, so I’m almost better pulling back and finding a way to get some stuff done while also not completely letting the entire holiday season pass me by. And it’s going to mean some major changes to my new plans for January as well – originally my plan was to be able to start fresh in 2012 and really focus more on writing after wrapping up a bunch of design and other non-writing projects in 2011, so admittedly there will still be a bit more work for me to do on that front in the new year before I can really shift gears and focus on the words for a change, but it’s kind of a cart before the horse-scenario if I tried to just jump straight to that other stuff, and of course, it’s not like the 2011 projects aren’t important, either.

It’ll be ok – I just need to find a happy balance between personal time and work time, putting side the thought that I may not have gotten quite as far as I would’ve liked in 2011.


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