Today’s advent blog entry is actually a retweet of a post that Disney blog Progress City, USA did last year in celebration of the holidays.  Somehow they managed to find scans of this really cool 12-page storybook ad for Disneyland dating back to 1958, which was only 3 years after the park opened its doors for the very first time!  This was a time when the Florida Project wasn’t more than a twinkle in Walt’s eye and such timeless classics like it’s a small world, The Haunted Mansion, and Pirates of the Caribbean wouldn’t be built until into the next decade, so it’s kind of neat to see an artifact like this that quite literally comes from the earliest days of Disney’s theme parks…

It’s clear to see that even back then, the holidays were a pretty special time around Walt’s first theme park of many.  Be sure to click on the image above to jump to the original post that contains all 12 pages from this cute, little holiday promotional tale!

One Response to 2011 Holiday Advent Blog – Day 5 – Merry Christmas from Disneyland, 1958

  1. Scott says:

    And for the extra credit, you should also check out this GORGEOUS photo of the original it’s a small world out at Disneyland, all lit up for the holidays:

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