2011 Holiday Advent Blog – Day 8 – Angry Birds Seasons!

It never ceases to amaze me how much content I’ve gotten out of this $2.99 app purchase! Whereas they could easily charge separately for each add-on pack, instead three bucks gets new levels updated for all of the major holidays throughout the year – right now I’ve got an entire year’s worth of seasonal fun from 2011, and now they just released a new holiday edition for 2012. There’s a reason that folks are going gaga over these birds!

My one and only complaint is that the newer levels always seem to be too hard for me! I’ll play the same level for 10 minutes before I finally get frustrated and give up, whereas I played the original levels literally for hours on end. Still, I suppose you can only build so many easy levels before you need to ramp it up a bit, anyways, and again, the updates are free, aren’t they?!

TL;DR – If anyone can tell me how to get past the first level in Wreck the Halls, please have a heart and help a brother out… 😉

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