Goodbye, Shoes

So apparently I need to buy a new pair of shoes…

I know that I can’t complain too much because when you compare the ratio of Shoes Lost to Cleo between my wife and I, she’s still had many a more sacrifice than I have … the only difference is, I don’t have nearly as many alternate shoe options as she does!!! I basically only have two pairs of shoes – a dress pair and a pair of tennis shoes, and then also a pair of flip-flops that I don’t really like anyways, but bought as a replacement when Cleo destroyed the pair that I did like. Plus, it doesn’t help that I’m kinda picky when it comes to buying shoes for myself – if I had the money to buy several reserve pairs in advance when I finally found something that I liked, I’d have worn the same style of shoes for the last 10 years!

What sucks right now was that as of this morning, even my backup pair of shoes has a hole in it – dress shoes, as you can see, are pretty much toast, but about a week ago she got a hold of one of my tennis shoes and chewed a hole in the toe, which so far I’ve just been wearing anyways because it’s been at night when there’s no one but me to know about the hole, anyways. I do have to make more of a conscious effort to avoid puddles, though.

Just how I wanted to spend my already busy Thursday night – shoe shopping!

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