Keep our Muppets out of your political agenda…

You could say that I was still on a bit of a Muppet high last night when I came across this ridiculous clip of FOX News anchors suggesting that the movie I had just watched and absolutely loved was actually “propaganda by the liberal Hollywood to brainwash our nation’s children…”

So I’ll admit that last night probably wasn’t the best time for me to encounter something like this because having just witnessed my childhood rekindled on the screen in front of me to song and dance, it cut pretty deep to hear such heinous allegations that this movie had any dubious intentions whatsoever beyond entertaining children of all ages and spreading a good message about believing in yourself and sticking by the side of friends and family.

I mean, any idiot who’s actually watched the movie understands the reasons why Tex Richman is the villain in The Muppets, and it’s certainly not just because “he’s a successful business man and they’re all jealous.” Maybe it has more to do with the idea that he wants to demolish the Muppet Studios so that he can drill for oil underneath, driven by a hatred for the Muppets because he had a bad experience with their act as a child himself…

Photo by Scott Garfield – © Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

If they watched the movie, then they’d know that and realize just how ignorant their allegations sound … well, on second thought, no they wouldn’t because this is FOX News and their own agenda is to brainwash their conservative audience about something that they know nothing about because they won’t have watched the movie, either! I mean, their entire political perspective, from Occupy Wall Street to Obamacare to interpretations of the other side in general is founded on a pristine lack of knowledge and understanding about the very things that they’re staunchly offended by, so why should we expect them to actually do 30 seconds of research about a children’s movie before proceeding to use it as ammo in a war that they themselves started?!

If you can make it all the way through their clip, and prepare to be infuriated if you do because the bullshit just gets stinkier and stinkier as the “discussion” continues, these are the same people who argue against things like trying to keep the planet clean and not pumping our atmosphere with poisonous chemicals because from their perspective, those movements are all somehow anti-business and trying to put Americans out of work. Yep – Captain Planet and the Planeteers brainwashed my generation into thinking polluting is bad…

It’s not even worth arguing with these people anymore if they’re so twisted that they can look at a fun, light-hearted story like The Muppets and somehow interpret it as being an object of the “liberal media.” The next person who tries to tell me that “FOX News is the only station that’s actually fair and balanced!” is going to get punched in the face because they don’t even have any desire to learn about the other side of their opinion … how in the world could they actually be fair about how they’re going to present something that they know absolutely nothing about?!

The entire channel is hosted by people who are paid specifically to be absent from the reality that they’re attempting to report – about halfway through, at one point the woman proves that she doesn’t comprehend the notion that even despite food stamps and all of the other social programs that exist, there are still people who go hungry in the streets around our country every night! They tune out the parts of society that they just don’t want to acknowledge – oil companies are responsible for lots of pollution, which believe it or not is bad unless your lungs have somehow evolved to breathe polluted air; Occupy Wall Street isn’t about jealousy or envy, it’s about being fed up with executives getting rich by buying their own political regulations and profiteering off of all those beneath them; not everyone who uses our social deserves them, but at the same time not all who deserve them actually receive their benefits, either.

I said it last night and I reaffirm my position that it absolutely sickens me that these people are so hungry for controversy that they can take such a kind and selfless entity like the Muppets and turn them into a liberal device that they need to warn their own misinformed audience about. The problem isn’t that our children are being “brainwashed” by these ideas, the problem is that they’ve brainwashed the parents of these children into fearing something that they know absolutely nothing about because they know that just like themselves, they won’t actually ask the question of whether or not what they’re being told is even accurate in the first place.

Muppet Newsflash: You can’t be fair and balanced if you don’t actually know and understand both sides of the story.

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