a door just for Cleo…

So I’m not really crazy about the idea, but we’re thinking about getting one of these things for our dog:

The last couple of days it’s been a little cooler out, so the wife started leaving the back door cracked so that Cleo could come and go as she pleased, and boy, did it make a difference to our general sanity! Our backyard is fenced in and she hasn’t really shown too much of an interest in digging yet, so she enjoyed being able to run around outside without necessarily having somebody with her.

Plus, it was a godsend in that Sara normally works nights and sleeps during the day … at least, until Cleo gets too bored and forces her to get up … but with the myriad of bugs and sticks and rocks for her to investigate outside, she seemed perfectly content just poking around on her own out there and letting Sara actually sleep for a change!

Still, I think my concerns are at least somewhat warranted because of, well, this!!!

I mean, we don’t exactly live close to any lakes or rivers or anything, but alligators can basically be found anywhere down here – including ponds and drainage ditches and god knows probably swimming around in the sewers right below my feet! And as much as a morbid me thinks it would be kind of neat to look out and find one swimming around the pool (assuming that he’s noticed before anyone jumps in), there’s just something different about coming across an 8-foot reptile lounging around my living room or heaven forbid, just chillin’ in the bathroom!

Seriously, look at that picture! Who wouldn’t literally crap themselves if they went to use the bathroom and found that toothy grin looking back at them?!

Anyways, fortunately for my sanity, the kind of doggy door that we would even need is kinda pricey, so it’s not like we’re going to be throwing one in and welcoming Florida’s most frightening creatures into our house tomorrow or anything. Still, to win my vote my wife has proactively confirmed that I’m well within my rights to say “I told you so!!!” if we happen to come home and find a gator in our house, and sometimes in a marriage that’s the best compromise that one can hope for…

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