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September 23, 2011 10:00pm
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Sometimes I feel like food goes bad in our house a lot quicker than it really should.

For example, today I had some bread that I had picked up at Target last Sunday with a bowl of soup, and it was kind of crusty and I ended up having to pick a couple of moldy pieces off.

I also find myself almost constantly throwing out strawberries in particular if I literally don’t eat them the same night I bring them home. Plenty of other veggies have a similar result, which is making me wonder if it’s just living in Florida that is the crux of my problem or if somehow possibly an even greater mischief might somehow be afoot.

The only thing I would even really know to check would be temperatures, which is a pain because the fridge that we have now doesn’t have the convenient temp controls on the outside like our last one did, but I’m really tempted to go find a cheap thermometer to leave in there overnight to see if maybe it’s just not keeping things at the right temperature for optimal freshness.

The ice maker is broken, too, so at this point it wouldn’t entirely surprise me…

On the other hand, I’m really stumped on the moldy bread. I mean, we’ve been keeping our AC a little higher than we used to (think 77 vs. 73 degrees) so as to avoid making an entire mortgage payment directly to the power company … is it possible that somehow the bread hasn’t taken to the climate change quite as well as us people have???

Or maybe it’s just that Target sells crappy bread – that option’s definitely still on the table, too.

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