one more thing on AVATAR land…

One other thing that I just realized is also part of the hang-ups that myself and others share is that really, this will be Walt Disney World’s very first land that is 100% dedicated to a single brand.

Think about it – the seven (now six) themed lands of the Magic Kingdom, Future World in Epcot, Sunset Blvd at the Studios, and the continents at Animal Kingdom … all cover broad themes that feature attractions from a wide variety of genres. Sure, there’s a Star Wars attraction, but not so much an entire land dedicated to arguably the biggest science fiction franchise of all-time!

So in that same respect, maybe part of it is whether Disney will be able to stretch multiple attractions out of AVATAR, or even if guests will want several attractions out of AVATAR. Universal was willing to take the gamble that people would with Harry Potter, although for what it’s worth two of the three attractions at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter were technically previous attractions that were re-themed around the Harry Potter universe.

I guess really this one is a question of longevity because although Fantasyland and Tomorrowland are still going strong 40 years later, will people still care enough about Harry Potter … or at least enough to want to experience it at a theme park? Consider another touchy issue – that of the Magic Kingdom parking lot’s recent reorganization to swap out the likes of the Seven Dwarfs, Chip & Dale, and other classic Disney characters in favor of a heroes & villains theme including Aladdin, Woody, Ursula, Captain Hook, and the Evil Emperor Zurg.

My first reaction to this announcement again was disappointment, but then I got to thinking … Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was first released back in 1937 – that’s 74 years ago!!! I mean, sure, it’s a classic to me and my parents, but most kids these days would likely be bored watching that original cartoon compared to some of the more fast-paced shows they air today. And if the Seven Dwarfs are feeling a little stale, do you really think that those blue dudes with the pointy ears from Pandora are going to have much staying power decades after the original movies have first aired???

Not likely, but a single attraction highlighting the very best of that world might.

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