Angry Birds vs. Hungry Cleo

November 22, 2011 11:02pm
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Every since my sister got me one of those plush Angry Birds for my birthday, Cleo has always been a little jealous because as far as she’s concerned, anything and everything stuffed in our house belongs to her.

…and more specifically, belongs in her mouth…

Anyways, we were shopping at Walmart this evening and I came across this, so I decided that it was finally time that she had an Angry Bird of her very own…

Now it’s only fair to report that as of posting these photos roughly two hours after she was first introduced to Angry Bird, at this point he’s pretty much been reduced to an Angry Nose … which bizarrely enough I had to fish out of the toilet for her because I guess she thought it needed to take a bath?  Anyways, I think it’s safe to say that she had fun, even if they only made each other’s acquaintance for a very short time…

P.S. If you need a soundtrack for the background while you’re looking back through Cleo’s time playing Angry Birds, you really can’t go wrong with this fun, little rendition by Pomplamoose:

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