the more Muppets, the better!!!

I’m rather proud of the whimsical deal that I stumbled upon this evening.  Mind you, it wasn’t quite as lucrative as the Toy Story 3/Blu-Ray deal that I honed in on last spring, but still…

Basically, it goes something like this – currently Disney Movie Rewards is running a promotion where if you buy select Muppet DVDs, you get a free ticket to go see The Muppets in the theater!  Since I already know that we’re going anyways, I saw this as a convenient opportunity to pick up the remaining two seasons of The Muppet Show that I never got around to buying in the past for only ten bucks a piece:

And it could’ve gone even cheaper than that if I had A) ordered from Amazon (didn’t want to wait for shipping, but they listed both sets as $18.49 a piece), or instead bought one of the actual movies (only $13/each, but I already have them all…).  Best forty bucks I’ve spent in a while! 😀

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