Anniversary: Planned!

September 28, 2011 9:19pm

So this year my wife and I are celebrating our fourth anniversary, and the planning has been kind of a pain because as much as we’re always trying to one-up ourselves year after year, it looks like it just isn’t in the cards this year. I mean, last year we went to Disneyland and the year before we went on a cruise, but unfortunately other things have our budget already kind of tied in knots this year, so we can’t exactly afford to spend thousands of dollars like we’ve somehow managed in the past…

That said, we sort of have two things “planned” for celebration #4.

The first is simply put, our gift to each other is going to be the gift of time. What can I say? Life has been busy, and stressful, and between me trying to build a career and her working weird hours, and then also introducing a puppy into the mix, we haven’t exactly gotten much time for each other so far this year. So next weekend for three solid days, no writing, no interruptions, no puppy – we’re going to take a well-deserved break to just kick back and spend some time with one another for a change.

The second, and I hope this doesn’t sound more extravagant than it actually is, but we are going over to Disney World for a single evening, basically just to get us out of the house and help to kickstart our long weekend together. Originally we were hoping to stay at the Polynesian and checkout the Hawaiian Luau that they do there, but prices and availability got the best of us … so instead we’re staying over at Animal Kingdom Lodge, where we actually celebrated our 6-month dating anniversary way back in 2006! We’ll only be there for a single night, but it’ll be a chance to just hang around the resort, do some swimming, and also enjoy the restaurants on-site (Boma and Jiko), which are supposed to be outstanding.

I’m excited for the break, even though I’m up to my eyeballs in things to do and will probably feel guilty about part of it. Hopefully next year will be a little smoother and we’ll be able to do something truly grand for the big #5, but in the meantime, I guess you work with what you’ve got…

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