Slowly starting to get back into the groove of things, although not nearly as quickly as I would like. It’s a tough struggle between continuing to get things unpacked and getting settled in, attending to the random things we’ve found that need to be fixed around the new home, relaxing so as to not completely drive ourselves absolutely bonkers throughout the entire ordeal … oh yeah, and also trying to get back into my writing and exercise routines, too!

Exercise is probably the worse of the two – I won’t even know the exact date until I sit down and put together a new summary post for March, which I refuse to do until I get a routine going again, but I’m thinking it’s got to have been sometime around mid-month, meaning that I’ve been not exercising for almost a month now. This frustrates me because I was doing really awesome towards the end of February and then life happened and I just dropped the ball. I’d like to get going again this weekend, but I still have some pieces of the entertainment center to finish hooking up first…

Writing, on the other hand, isn’t too much better, but at least I’ve managed to post the occasional humor column or blog post … eventually. I think my enthusiasm is slightly better here, though – I’ve got a new office to create in, new desk, and I even just splurged and bought myself a big, new wall calendar (below) to help keep my regular writing better in check. Basically, my goal is to really ramp up the amount of content that I’m kicking out on a weekly basis – in some cases, this may even mean writing every single day, which is ok, mind you … I do consider myself to be a writer!

My strategy through this all, though, is to simply take it one day at a time, trying to get some stuff done without driving myself crazy for not getting everything done. It may mean that the house will take a little longer to unpack, and conversely I can’t just jump in with both feet on any one project because I’m trying to slowly do so many at the same time, but we’ll get there.

We’ll get there…

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