Lego Links a Plenty!

Watching this video really makes me wish that we had a local Lego convention here in Florida…

Wait – maybe we do?!

Sadly, I think that MegaCon 2011 just ended, like, a month ago, but man, doesn’t the set of Downtown Tampa look amazing?! Here are some more pics – I would love to see this in person!

Also, perusing the Greater Florida Lego Users Group’s website makes me wonder what this little project is going to entail. Makes me want to join (and wish that I had design skills!) so that I could help put together the Lego Space Mountain or something!

And finally, if anything I can always carry around a little nostalgia with me via a new iPhone case

Not sure if I’ll actually buy one because it seems like it would be a little bulky, but still very cool nonetheless!

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