I’m so sick of politics…

Both sides, honestly.

All anyone wants to do is fight anymore – one side versus the other – and it seems like it doesn’t even matter what the issue at hand is … democrats like the color purple, republicans decree purple the anti-christ of colors and how orange is the only real color that anyone should ever care about.

It scares me that these discussions are so much about party lines at this point, where one side is willing to shut the entire government down if they don’t get their way. How that is even possible just completely blows my mind, and yet here we’ve seen it happen multiple times this year. It’s like watching a bunch of babies fighting in the playroom, where that one kid is always threatening to take his toys and go home if he doesn’t get his way, except that it’s a different kid each week and there are actually people’s lives hanging in the balance whenever they decide to dig their heels in the ground on this or that budgetary issue that no one can come to an agreement on.

If these were normal business employees and not government employees, they would’ve been fired a long time ago because you just can’t do that kind of stuff!

And it seems like each issue becomes even more venomously supported than the last, too … it’s like they build upon their own stubbornness and ignorance, and even when they finally get everything they ever wanted *cough* budget *cough*, the next week they’re right back in the ring swinging again, willing to throw their own grandmothers out on the street to make their point.

It doesn’t even seem like they’re arguing over things that matter anymore – so much bickering over a “budget” that never seems to actually get followed anyways, trying to “fix the jobs issue” by bickering over the same old kickbacks that only benefit those at the top who aren’t experiencing any real hurt in the first place, and then on top of all of that the GOP is even already internalling bickering back and forth about who’s moderately more in support of one half-ass notion than the other over their presidential nomination for next year.

Sometimes I tend to get sucked into these debates because they seem like important discussions to be having, however more and more I find me distancing myself from anything of the sort because at the end of the day, nothing seems to get solved and the only outcome is a lot of angry supporters on both sides, another day’s worth of sensationalised headlines, and the rest of us left scratching our heads wondering why these few get paid so well to not support so many.

It makes me wonder what kind of real productivity (not to mention happiness) I would find in my own life if I were to just stop watching the news clips and reading the headlines for a while. Chances are whenever I do come back, it’s going to be the same folks going back and forth about the same issues all over again anyways.

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