Little Dog, Big Bully

Cleo is currently going through some training classes over at PetCo in an attempt to mold her into the model dog that society needs of her. I didn’t go last time because Sara wanted to give me a chance to write, but today I came along and witnessed the disappointing fact firsthand – our puppy is a gigantic bully.

Well, actually, she’s still very small in stature, however apparently that didn’t stop her from nearly jumping on the back of the greyhound that was in the class with her this week! I mean, seriously – the dog looked like a freaking baby deer that could probably fit my entire shoe inside its mouth, and yet this barky, little brat was pouncing on him left and right to the extent that he didn’t want to “play” with her half the time because she was just being obnoxious!

It probably makes me a bad pet owner, but I was actually kind of glad when the greyhound finally took a stand and pounced right back because a good, old fashioned trampling is what it finally took to get Cleo to shut the hell up and leave him alone for a few minutes! I guess I would’ve thought that the laws of the jungle would at least include the “Don’t fuck with animals that are a lot bigger than you!”-rule, but apparently not so much in the doggy world.

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