June 25, 2011 9:38pm
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I know I haven’t exactly been taking the best care of my fish lately, but this is just plain gross…

And granted, I’m sure it’s not exactly a picnic for my plecostomus friend here, either, but there’s not really much that I can do about it at this point, now is there??? My best guess is that it’s some sort of infection that got out of hand – I’m honestly surprised that it’s not already impeding his ability to take in food, although maybe it is. I did notice that he’s a lot more jittery than normal – it was hard to get him to keep still even just for the picture, whereas normally he doesn’t really give a crap about anything that’s going on around him inside the tank or out.

I tried dumping some fish antibiotics into the tank and I guess I’ll continue to do so, but I have a feeling that ultimately I’m just going to come home and find that gigantic beast floating upside down at the top of the tank. I mean, I’ve had him a long time at this point – at least 5 years, maybe more, and he’s probably over a foot long at this point. He’s also getting too small for even the 35 gallon tank that he’s in now, even though I’d hate to move him to a bigger one because he’ll just keep on growing again … and Sara doesn’t want him in her 55-gallon tank because she thinks he’s ugly.

Well, he is, but try finding a better bottom feeder to help keep the tank clean – you can have pretty or you can have efficient, but you can’t have both.

super-grossed-out (but I’m sure that it’s worse for him) zoomed-in view

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