Losing Faith in Mint…

I’ve got to admit that as much as I was impressed with mint.com when I first started using it, it’s kind of lost a lot of sparkle for me as of late. Probably because last year we were focusing on debts that it actually recognized, so we could actively watch the numbers shrink, whereas now we’re working on others that it still can’t seem to connect to, and thus 2011 has pretty much looked like a great big year of fail in the debt reduction department.

Also, there was that issue a couple of months ago when somehow they double-loaded a bunch of transactions so all of my balances were off! I honestly still don’t know if they’re right.

So yesterday, to add even more fuel to the fire, I got this:

So tell me, Mint – how am I behind at saving $3,809 of a $500 goal, and yet also ahead by saving a NEGATIVE $99 for a $100 goal???

Seriously, I’d love to hear the explanation for this logic!

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