Orly Taitz is a crazy person.

Have you ever really dug in deep with these birther folks?

I mean really deep – like up to your shoulders, wondering if you’re ever going to see your arms again! If you have, you’ve probably come across the sagelike lawyer/dentist/all around nutjob that is Orly Taitz…

Apparently Orly is pivotal in the birther movement, meaning that she’s known for tying up courtrooms around the country with any shred of “evidence” that she can get her paws on. It’s enough to almost make me feel good when Lawrence O’Donnell just tears into the lady halfway through the interview when it becomes clear that she has no intention of following the specific talking points that had been outlined for the show.

Of course, at least she can count on Stephen Colbert to give her a fair shake…

“You’ll agree that I just made an important point…”

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