Quality Time with the Mrs…

The last couple of days have been a lot of fun…

Yesterday was my wife’s birthday, so I tried to carve a little more time than she’s usually been getting lately out of my schedule, and not to sound all mushy or anything, but it definitely reminded me of just what I was missing out on during all of those late nights spent hunched over a keyboard in search of words for this, that, and the other thing!  Saturday we celebrated part 1 of her birthday with a grand tour of Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival, whereas today we took things a little slower and did some shopping to pick out her birthday gift, then enjoyed a nice and quiet dinner at The Melting Pot, and despite being her birthday, the whole thing felt sort of extra special for me just because our personal time together has been really sporadic lately between pacifying the puppy and work changes and me trying to focus on writing.

It can be tough sometimes because as much as I want to really knuckle down and focus 150% on making my writing career become a reality, at the same time after days like this I can’t help but sit back and think that it’s all in vain if these are the kinds of days that I’m missing out on in the meantime.  Not to mention I’ve found that all work and no play tends to get kind of boring after a while and doesn’t really leave me much to write about anyways, hence I didn’t do nearly as much writing back in 2004/2005 when I was single and sat around the house all day playing video games!

It’s definitely a tough balancing act – obviously I want to spend as much time as I possibly can with Sara because, well, I did marry her and all, and yet at the same time it’s also important to focus on my career so that, well, so that I can actually have one someday!  In the meantime, I guess all that I can do is really try to make the most of my writing time so that I can be as productive as possible and thus leave more time for her by default.

A constant struggle, yes, but for what it’s worth, we’re talking two really good days and if anything, I guess that should serve as a source of inspiration to work harder and do better! 😉

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