retaining old passions while also kindling the new…

The latest episode of Webcomics Weekly discusses a topic that I know I’ve been battling a lot these days, so I wanted to take just a couple of minutes to walk through my experiences on the idea.

Specifically, Dave spoke of the comics documentary that he’s been feverishly working on as of recent, and how he’s noticing that he’s somewhat less excited to work on his primary comic (Sheldon), instead choosing to spend the time digging deeper into the documentary and even his more recent sci-fi strip, Drive.

And this is something that I can definitely relate to in the here and now because although I’m not really proud of it, I haven’t exactly been the best lately with deadlines for my humor column! My excuse has been not only the two projects that I’ve currently been struggling to finish up, but also in part the other five looming just off the side of my plate that I want to also finish before the end of the year. It’s just so much more intriguing and new and fresh and exciting to work on these new challenges than to wade through another weekly column, even though don’t get me wrong I do still enjoy writing that one in its own way, too.

What I’ve been trying to tell myself to keep things in check is that unless I’m ready to completely shed the old and place all of my eggs in the new basket (which I know would be crazy to do), it’s important that I continue to cultivate my earlier works simply because those are what got me to the place now where I can branch out and try the new stuff that I’m entertaining. Sometimes that really sucks because I find myself faced with so much ongoing content to focus on that I feel like I’ve gotten little done against the new projects for the week, but then again, I suppose that’s a greater issue about biting off more than you can chew than simply learning how to properly balance priorities.

The podcast in its entirety is a really good listen, though – just under an hour in length – and includes a lot of good talk and insight from three of the brightest independent creators in the comic industry today. I mean, I enjoy it and I don’t even create a comic strip (anymore), so there ya go!

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