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September 17, 2011 10:33pm
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So after mulling over my last lackluster post from a couple of weeks ago, I’ve decided that maybe I do need an actual plan after all…

I tried the passive thing throughout the summer and it got me absolutely nowhere. There are only about 3 months left this year and I’d still like to make another dent because it sounds a lot more impressive to say that I lost 60% of my excess fat than a mere 30%! And it’s really going to suck, but I think it’s about time for something drastic again.

Something like – getting up early to exercise in the mornings!

I know, I know – it sounds absolutely crazy, especially for a night owl like myself, but at the same time, what have been the two biggest contributors to weight loss for me this year so far? Quiting soda and quiting potato chips – two things that I swore I’d never be able to pull off because I just loved them too much. And the thing is, I don’t necessarily have to always get up early and exercise for the rest of my life, but in order to get ahead of the gut, maybe it’s time for me to make another sacrifice.

The plan is to start Monday morning, and I honestly haven’t really thought it out much further than that, but we’ll see how I do with a simple 20-30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical and take it from there. Ideally, I guess I’d like to eventually up the intensity to keep the timeframe under 30 minutes because any more just seems like it will cut into my morning routine even more, but that’s probably more of a discussion for two weeks from now…

…assuming that I’m actually able to pull this thing off…

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